Tips for designing your garden or patio

Tomorrow we will welcome spring and we all start spending more time outdoors. Therefore, in this article we will try to give some notions on how to design a home so that, in these warmer months, we can sit in the sun, enjoy cooking, eating with family and friends outdoors.

Focusing on the patio, you should first create a fixed plan with pre-established shrubs and trees. These objects or plants should be seen as an opportunity to create different areas, rather than as obstacles.

Depending on the location of the house and in particular the climate of that location, we could plan an area with a fireplace (and in turn a barbecue) for when the temperatures drop in the evening. Or in the case of colder locations, even plan for an enclosed area to protect you from that night breeze or, being facing the sea in warm climates, it can even feel cold on summer nights.

These ideas mentioned above can give you the possibility to create two distinct designs in the same patio. A small garden with a sociable lounge, outdoor dining area and a couple of terraces connected to each other playing with the materials used for their design.

Our advice is that when designing a garden you should play with several levels and different materials such as stone, concrete and something very used in patios and terraces which is the wooden pergola with glass balustrades as a divider with the swimming pool if there is one. A semi-covered pergola provides areas of light and shade around the outdoor dining area. A simple pendant lamp hangs in the centre.

Our homes are planned to accommodate a patio or garden space which you can design to your own taste with the help of our professionals.

At Dianthus Villas we collaborate with distributors who will be able to help and advise you on what best suits your patio or garden furniture needs. To see the different catalogues of "El rincón del mueble" click here.

If you are looking for a house with a patio and/or design your own home to enjoy the free space that a terrace with a swimming pool provides, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you through the whole process.

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